During the several months that I lived in Brittany, I spent the first week or two extensively researching places and towns in the region that would be worth a visit, which is how I and my friends ended up going to places like the island of Bréhat while the other kids were going to St. Malo or Mont Saint-Michel. (I'm not saying that those places aren't cool, but everyone goes there, and as a result, they sway a little touristy.) I'm not going to lie - it was a pain in the ass getting to Bréhat. We had to take a train, transfer to a different train, hop on a bus, and then get on a ferry. It was all pretty tight timing, too, which, as anyone familiar with the timeliness of French transportation would understand, meant that my anxiety was sky high. In the afternoon, an impending storm forced us back a little earlier than originally intended, but this day still remains one of my favorite trips in the region. It is well worth the hassle to get there. 


Date: October 2012
Camera: Nikon D40