Oh hei there!

I have always dreamt of traveling, even from an early age, and ever since my first trip abroad, the ever-present sense of wanderlust has never left me. Through trial and error and countless failures, I eventually discovered my travel style: the planner. Getting to this point sounds a lot easier than it was. A lot of fatigue, wasted time, and self-reflection were involved - you know, the three things that you most look forward to while on vacation. And somewhere along the way, I had to ask myself: With all the time and research that I put into these trips, would it be a shame to not share that with other people? And so, this blog was born.

I hope that you enjoy reading it. I hope that it inspires you to see more, do more, and of course, eat more. If anything, maybe you’ll laugh a little over one of the mortifyingly awkward situations I always seem to get myself into. But most of all, I hope that it makes you want to travel more. Bon voyage and bon courage.