Marseille in Photos

Marseille in Photos

When I arrived in Marseille, I was not in the best of shape, mentally or physically. I had hit a string of bad luck from the very beginning of my trip, which included waking up with a stomach bug on my third day in Paris. I was only out of commission for one day, but anyone who's gotten sick abroad knows that it takes something out of you. Even though I was taking it easy and sleeping more than I normally do when traveling, for the remainder of the trip, there was a part of me at the core of my being that was never not exhausted. My apartment had an amazing view - an 18th story overlook of downtown and the port - so in the end, it wasn't that awful spending less time out and about.

The port and the Notre-Dame de la Garde

View from the apartment: Église Saint-Vincent de Paul

Cathédrale de la Major

The Villa Méditerranée and MUCEM

The view from my apartment (Airbnb). Killer view, no?

Marseille France Street Photography

Date: March/April 2016
Camera: Canon 6D