Grace Farms

I first heard about Grace Farms from my friends at Nalata Nalata, and as usual, I kept putting off visitng - that is, until this past Fall. In the end, it turned out to be the perfect day to go: peak foliage, sunny, and 80°F.

My original plans involved popping by for a few hours and then heading over to check out the Philip Johnson Glass House's Yayoi Kusama Exhibition. It's funny how I thought that just a couple hours would be enough or that the Glass House also operated on a walk-in basis (they run by a ticketing system and were already sold out for the remainder of the exhibition). But as it would turn out, I spent nearly the full day at Grace Farms, and that still felt too short. I feel like I could go there time and time again to just walk around and relax with a book and some snacks. 

My path: breakfast in the Commons at a seat next to their permanent art installation, "Double Glass River", by Teresita Fernández • walking down to the Court and then up to the Sanctuary • taking a leisurely stroll along the walking trails • a few final photos around the library and commons • snagging a few books from the library before heading home


Sometimes I don't tell people what I'm thinking cause I know that they'll think that I'm weird. When I told someone that the gravel had been making me hungry all day long, I knew that this might have been one of those thoughts. But look at it! It looks just like the inside of a dragon fruit or pitahaya!

Date: October 2016
Camera: Canon 6D