Where I Ate in Vancouver

Where I Ate in Vancouver


Thoughts: This was my first meal of the trip, straight off the plane. They blend Peruvian and Japanese cuisine with the Pacific Northwest. It was a quick but lovely meal.


Ask for Luigi

Thoughts: It was kind of a pain getting here. It felt farther away from the immediate downtown area than I’d anticipated, although that may be in part because it was absolutely miserable and downpouring as I walked from the sky train. However, the rain may have worked in my favor, as there was no line, no wait for a table. Having arrived before noon, I also received a free order of banana bread, which came out piping hot. To follow was, of course, pasta, and it was so delicious, that I couldn’t resist getting seconds.


The Botanist

Thoughts: If I am brutally honest, seeing these photos more than a year after they were taken, I couldn’t help but think: god lord, was this meal ugly. Even though I chose to eat here, I distinctly remember being apprehensive of the possibility that it would be one of those restaurants that are too-trendy, focused more on style than substance. However, I recall feeling quite satisfied at the end of the meal.


Burdock & Co.

Thoughts: This was my favorite restaurant of the trip. The dishes come in small plate portions, ideal for sharing. My only regret was being alone and not being able to eat more.


The Farmer’s Apprentice

Thoughts: The phrase ‘farm to table’ has become so commonplace that it’s nearly lost all meaning, but if there’s any restaurant that is farm to table, it’s Farmer’s Apprentice. You really get the sense that your meal is telling you a story about where you are and when. For me, my visit in the late fall meant mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms. For photos of the full meal, click here.



Thoughts: Considered by many to be one of the top restaurants in town, this is probably the place to go if celebrating or if just plain feeling fancy.



I did not get to try nearly as many bars as I wanted this trip, but even amongst the few that I made it to, I got the impression that Vancouver is not messing around when it comes to cocktails. Here’s where I went:

The Lamplighter

The Negroni at Prohibition. A white negroni with an encapsulated and frozen red negroni.

The Negroni at Prohibition. A white negroni with an encapsulated and frozen red negroni.


Date: November 2017

Camera: Samsung S4, Canon 6D