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My Packing List

TipsAMTips, PackingComment
My Packing List

I think that we can all agree: packing is the worst. And if you are anything like me, an until-the-last-minute procrastinator that likes to be prepared for anything, the entire panic-induced, mad-dash scramble from the moment you should have started packing days ago until you finally head out the door is beyond the worst. So for your sakes - and my own - here is my personal universal packing list.



☐ Cardigan/Sweater
☐ First Aid Kit
☐ Additional Footwear
☐ Weather-Appropriate Clothing
    (whatever quantity suitable for      you)
☐ Laundry Bag
☐ Lightweight Rain Coat
☐ Mini Luggage Scale
☐ Pajamas
☐ Reusable Grocery Bag(s)*
☐ Shower Shoes?
☐ Socks
☐ Swimsuit?
☐ Toiletry Bag
☐ Microfiber Towel?
☐ Underwear

Toiletry Bag

☐ Band Aids
☐ Body Wash
☐ Brush/Comb
☐ Conditioner
☐ Deodorant
☐ Floss
☐ Hair Products
☐ Lotion
☐ Medications/Medical
    (Pepto, Imodium,
    Allergies, Eye Drops,
    Alcohol Swabs, etc.)
☐ Nail Clippers
☐ Perfume/Cologne
☐ Shampoo
☐ Shaving Supplies
☐ Sunscreen
☐ Toothbrush
☐ Tooth Paste
☐ Tweezers

Hiking Gear

☐ Hiking Boots
☐ Bug Spray
☐ Hydrocortisone
☐ Antihistamines

Carry On/Back Pack

☐ Adapter(s)
☐ Book
☐ Copy of License/Passport
☐ Electronics Case

  1. Extra Charging Cable(s)
  2. Camera Charger
  3. USB Outlet

☐ Mini Flashlight
☐ Gloves?
☐ Hand Sanitizer
☐ Hat/Earmuffs?
☐ Keys (House/Car)*
☐ Tablet
☐ Notebook
☐ Pen
☐ Plastic Baggies*
☐ Scarf
☐ Several Pairs of Underwear
    (in case your luggage is lost)
☐ Shoes (second pair)
☐ Snacks
☐ Sunglasses
☐ [Empty] Water Bottle

Camera Bag/Purse

☐ Camera
☐ Charger Cable
☐ Documents Organizer
☐ Travel Dramamine
☐ Ear Buds
☐ Earplugs
☐ Mini First Aid Kit
    (Band Aids, Small Stock of
    Medicine, Moleskin, etc.)
☐ Hand Sanitizer
☐ Lotion Stick*
☐ Mini Notebook
☐ Travel Pain Meds
   (ie. Tylenol, Motrin)
☐ Pen
☐ Phone
☐ Power Bank
☐ SD Card Carrier
☐ Mini Pack Tissues
☐ Umbrella*
☐ Wallet

Further explanation:

  • House/Car Keys - The moment I no longer need these, either in transit or at the airport, I like to stick them always in the same pocket of my carry on. There, they won't take up space in or clutter my day-to-day bag unnecessarily while traveling. And after a longer trip, it's easy to forget where you put them and have to dig through everything while trying not to have a panic attack, but this saves you from that entire ordeal. 
  • Reuseable grocery bag - This is such a handy item! As a solo traveler, I like that it makes shopping or gifts more inconspicuous, and as an environmentally-conscious person, I like that it creates less plastic and paper waste. Also, most shopping bags have short handles, which make them awkward and painful to carry for long periods of time, especially if you are walking a lot. A reuseable grocery bag can both carry a lot and do so more comfortably on your shoulder. Also
  • Umbrella - Long story short: I once bought an umbrella from a legit umbrella story in NYC. The model that I got was the cheapest option (though not actually cheap at all). But I love it. It's now lasted me 3 years, and it's incredibly portable and incredibly durable. It was absolutely worth the cost. Brand: Knirps.
  • Lotion stick - I found this product randomly, but I love to keep it in my purse when traveling because it's both super moisturizing and doesn't count as a liquid when flying. 
  • Plastic Baggies - These things can unexpectedly come in handy. Use them to store liquids that could break in flight, to organize small, like items, and whatever miscellaneous need that pops up.
  • When deciding what goes in what bag, my thought process is: heaviest things go in the suitcase, things I may need at the airport will go in my carry on (which I store overhead on flights), and anything that I will need during the flight goes in my personal item.