Update: Neta is now closed.

I have always, even since my youth, been plagued by intense and sudden food cravings, which can be appeased by nothing less than a sacrificial offering of my desired food choice. The alternative is that I retreat into this deep and dark place where I feel like I can never be happy again. It sounds dramatic, and it is, but it's truly how I feel. It's like my stomach has the mind of an angsty, pregnant teen. It takes little to set off a new craving, so you could imagine how terrible it was during the month I spent researching restaurants for our Japan trip. And upon returning, you would think that those 2 weeks would have satisfied me for a while on the Japanese food front, but instead, I found myself in a vicious cycle where I was perpetually seeking it out, lest I were to find myself lying face down on the floor, wallowing in self-inflicted hunger until ramen, miso, or any Japanese food was obtained and gracelessly shoved into my mouth. In was under these circumstances that I hastily made a reservation at Neta, a sushi restaurant in Greenwich Village that also serves a creative and modern kaiseki-style omakase. Recently, I made a return visit, and the food was just as delicious as the first time. Enjoy. 

Date: June 2017
Camera: Canon 6D


Date: March 2016
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S4