Update: Merediths has now closed.

I could have easily planned two week's worth of meals in Auckland alone, but I had to fit as much as I could into about two days. Merediths was my first dinner, and it remained one of the most memorable. Of course, the food was an excellent: a beautiful introduction to New Zealand cuisine - but if I'm being honest, I cannot think of this meal without shamefully admitting that after traveling for over 24 hours and arriving just in time to start a fresh, new day at 6am in summer-equivalent temperatures, I may have involuntarily dozed off several times between courses. Exhaustion aside, I wouldn't have changed a thing. 

I suppose that another factor to take into account concerning my brief forays into sleep: the meal progressed at a slower pace than I'd anticipated. It took just over 3hr for 9 courses, which was about normal or even fast for a New Zealand pace, as I would find out. But in comparison to what I'm used to in the US, but also in Canada, France, and especially Japan (where we were frequently asked to eat faster), people who plan on doing tasting menus in New Zealand should expect a more leisurely meal. 

Date: March 2017
Camera: Canon 6D