Once, I was watching the show 'After Hours with Daniel Boulud', and one of his guests - maybe Morgan Spurlock? - joked about wanting to do 30 days of tasting menus. Daniel Boulud immediately responded, "OMG you would die!" Or something like that. Well, I can say that after 3 days of tastings in San Francisco, I was already feeling a little like death. I don't know what was wrong with me. I would wake up full, go to brunch and feel regretfully full, and then go to dinner and pray. So on the final day, with a heavy heart, a heavier stomach, and all my heavy luggage, I made my way to Commis in Oakland. But, praise be, it was exactly the meal that I needed. It was beautiful, delicious, and left me feeling lighter than I had in ages. It was the perfect end cap to a trip of indulgence. 


Date: November 2015
Camera: Canon 6D