Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

Before my dinner at Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare, I made the mistake of venturing down the Yelp rabbit hole. It wasn't even intentional, as it was part of a desperate search for the restaurant's photo policy. While I was spending entirely too much time overanalyzing every photo I could find on the internet - you know, in that deep squint, hunched over, finger on the nose, detective-sleuthing kind of way, trying to determine if each picture looked like a camera shot or a clandestine phone snap- I couldn't help but eventually get sucked into peoples' "Not worth it". I knew the meal would be great, but tiny doubts had inceptioned their way into my mind. However, they were quickly stamped out after the first couple dishes; and in the end, the meal was wonderful, they let me (as they do everyone) take photos to my heart's content, and I was left feeling silly about having harbored any worries to begin with. The lesson I shouldn't have needed to learn was: do not trust Yelp for fine dining. In fact, I would suggest that you listen to no one, not even professional critics, when it comes to this area of cuisine that is so nuanced and requires the largest monetary commitment. The only person who can tell you if you will enjoy a menu is yourself, so long as you trust your gut instincts and are extremely honest with yourself about your taste preferences. A restaurant may be a great restaurant, but statistically, it will never please 100% of the people who experience it. So by all means, you don't have to listen to a single thing I say about how much I enjoyed this meal because it really is the most qualified to speak for itself. 

Date: August 2017
Camera: Canon 6D