AM par Alexandre Mazzia

My travels through the South of France were a relatively unplanned and spontaneous affair, at least for me. I knew what days I would spend in which cities, but I left departure times up in the air so that I could come and go as I pleased. This meant that my eating schedule was pretty spotty and sometimes didn't happen at all. But it wasn't a total loss, as I ended up having two of my favorite meals of the entire trip in this region, one of which being that at AM par Alexandre Mazzia. As I look back on the notes that I took - me being the worst notetaker ever in addition to autocorrect means that they're pretty incomprehensible - and try to piece together that night, I cannot say with certainty exactly what I ate, but I can say that it was delicious, creative, and surprising. However, I'll let the photos speak for themselves because, ultimately, this was a meal that never could have been fully conveyed through words. 

Date: April 2016
Camera: Canon 6D