When I went to San Francisco, I managed to get a reservation at Saison. To begin, it was one of the most beautiful dining rooms that I have ever encountered. You walk in, and it opens into a spacious room with high ceilings. The atmosphere was like being invited to a Danish friend's home for dinner - modern but with the perfect amount of warm touches like adorable little flower arrangements and all my favorite things: couches, blankets, and cushy pillows. To the far end of the room is the kitchen - open and brightly lit -  the center stage of the dining experience to come.

I was lucky to be seated at a table directly looking into the action. I love open kitchen/chef's table type set ups because it's fascinating to see exactly how the dishes are made, and at Saison, they have the most gorgeous arrangement, allowing you to view every step along the way. The meal that they created was amazing. It was very reminiscent of Japanese kaiseki with new American influences, which was not at all what I had expected but still delightfully surprising.

Note: There are two soup courses not pictured above because, wellll, the photos were just bowls of broth. I know - I'm sorry - I've let you all down. 

  1. Course 3: Giant radish stuffed with scallop and sea cucumber. Broth of root vegetables
  2. Course 14: Buckwheat flower, kelp broth

Random thought: 

  • As I sat there wondering how the food could taste so good, I couldn't help but notice the freshly cut flowers, the homage to breakfast, a fire in the hearth. I could go on. And then I swear to you, I saw someone whisper to the fire. I'm not saying that magic is involved, but their logo does bear an uncanny resemblance to a certain magical fire, amiright?

Date: November 2015
Camera: Canon 6D