Le Petit Nice

The beginning of this trip to France had been rough. I almost missed my plane, where I ended up being seated in front of two children who cried and kicked my seat the entire flight, I had some issues with my phone, and then I woke up with a stomach bug on the third day. So when I flew from Paris to the south of France, I was ready for my luck to turn a new leaf. But as I stood in front of the ATM at Crédit Agricole and watched in horror as the machine ate my credit card - conveniently during bank lunch hours - I knew that this was not to be the case. Cue frustration tears and a small public breakdown because my eyeballs don't like to deal with sudden feelings in ways that aren't mortifying. At a time when I should have been happily on my way to lunch, I was instead pushing back my reservation and making emergency calls to my banks back home. When I finally made it to lunch, the morning's events would further come to haunt me as I was told that I was now limited to the shortest tasting menu. In the end, it would turn out to be one of my favorite meals of the trip, fewer courses and all, so I guess that there's not too much that I can truly complain about (except Crédit Agricole's MFing ATM eating my card).

Unfortunately, I spent this meal frantically googling how I could retrieve my card (which was false hope because, you know, French bureaucracy and all), so I forgot to write down what I ate! But hopefully the photos make up for it.

Crisp filled with fish and tarragon(?) with a bitter herb sauce

Roasted cauliflower

Fried, hollow puff filled with anemone and a soup also with anemone.

Sigh, I am the slowest ever at taking photos. A chocolate sphere is brought out, onto which they pour a warm passion fruit sauce tableside. It opens up to reveal the dessert. As you can see, by the time I pulled my camera out, mine quite angrily gave up. 

Date: March 2016
Camera: Canon 6D