My trip to Iceland was the most spontaneous vacation of my life. I had already been thinking about going for a while, and then I found out very suddenly that I had some free time in June during the Summer solstice. From that moment, I found myself sitting in a plane, freaking TF out, a mere two weeks later.

After very quick research, I knew that eating at Dill would be my top choice for dinner in Reykjavik, and praise be, they were able to fit me in. In fact, I think that I booked my reservation before I even knew if I had a place to stay because priorities. They did not let me down, and the meal that followed was one of the highlights of my trip, one in which I foolishly learned: NEVER WEAR SKINNY JEANS TO A TASTING MENU.

Menu #142

Isn't the dish ware gorgeous? If you happen to like the plate from snack #5, the beet with cheese and yeast, I know where you can find it! I own my very own little bowl. The artist sells her works in a store called Kirsuberjatréð, which is own and operated by 11, female, Icelandic artists. Her plates and bowls are actually made out of thin slices of radish, which are dyed and dried. 

Funny story: I mentioned to a waiter how much I loved their dishes, and he said that I could easily find them in this shop downtown. When I went, it turned out that the place that he directed me to was, in fact, the Icelandic version of a 7-11. To this day, I don't know if he was sincere in this belief or if I was being punk'd. 

Date: June 2015
Camera: Canon 6D