Dessert Tasting at Les 400 Coups

Update: The chefs at the time that I dined here have since left, and it appears that the restaurant may have closed. 

I first dined at Les 400 Coups not too long after the first trio of chefs parted to pursue other projects. I had lunch here, and it was delicious, delicious enough that I never would have guessed that the kitchen had at the time recently changed hands. One of the things that I particularly noted during that lunch was that their pastry was good, like, REALLY GOOD. It was so good that on a later trip to Montreal, my brother and I forewent second dinner and instead returned to have the dessert tasting menu.

To start, you chose two items from the dessert menu. The first is served in a smaller portion, as though a starter, and the second is the main course. To round it out, you finish with a selection of petit fours, which I do not have pictured. Although not difficult to decide to do the tasting, choosing only two choices was an impossible decision. Best of luck.

Date: August 2015
Camera: Canon 6D